Sneha does a vamp role in ‘Goa’

Actress Sneha is unimaginably pathetic with herb bikinis – Ah! Looks like Sneha seems to have predicted the headlines that may hit the channels if she had posed with such acts in ‘Goa’. Thank God! The bulk sized actress has gradually avoided the bikini offer saying that she doesn’t want to get wedged with such images. Definitely, Sneha wouldn’t suit such looks.

The actress had no options other than jumping into glamorous roles after her heartburn witnessing the foray of Nayanthara, Trisha and Anushka. Likely, the actress is sure that ‘Goa’ will win her more laurels as ‘Vasool Raja MBBS’ and ‘Pallikoodam’.

Actually, she does the negative role of a vamp. So, is it Sneha whom we see sharing intimate sequence with a character behind the placid glass with invisibleness in the teaser of ‘Goa’???

Well, we’ve got to wait and watch whether the actress would do this bold act.

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