Sneha disappointed with Silambattam

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2008 hasn’t be a fantastic year for Sneha who didn’t hop-skip into the limelight by fetching feathers to her cap. Perhaps, she had lots of hopes with her recent release Silambattam that it would do favors to her career graph. But soon after watching the film in theatres, she has been so disappointed that Director Saravanan hasn’t been fair on her part in the film.

As off to everyone’s knowledge, Sana Khan remains prominent in the first half while the latter part is completely for Sneha. But Sneha says that the director Saravanan and Simbhu had shot many scenes involving her. But once the film was released and she along with her friends had watched the film was so distressed that most of her parts were cut from the reel.

‘Usually, Directors know the necessary part and unwanted quotients to be kept and eliminated from the film. So, I am not so dashed down with my hopes’ says Sneha…

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