SivajiGaneshan fans protest against Saraswathi Sabatham


Saraswathi Sabatham”, starring Sivaji Ganesan was a movie which got released in 1966. Now with the same title a movie is in making which stars Jai, VTV Ganesh and Sathyan in the lead roles. Fans of the late and legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan have strongly objected to the title of Saraswathi Sabatham to be used as the title of a humor filled movie.

Regarding the issue, KVP Bhoominathan, conduct of Sivaji Ganesan Fan Club, has given a statement that “Giving a pretension to another film is like disrespecting those artistes who did a movie. Already, we protested against Vivek doing purpose of Appar that Sivaji Ganesan did. The pretension ‘Saraswathi Sabatham’ should not be given to an arriving flick. If they do not mind a direct and give a title, we would lie encircle on actor Jai’s residence and actor Sathyan’s house”.

Chandrasekaran, conduct of Sivaji Social Welfare Association, expelled statement that “Giving a pretension to intrigue and comedy cinema disrespects Hindu deities and Sivaji Ganesan. So, we would go for justice movement such that pretension is changed”.