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Sivaji Ticket Sales Report

Sivaji Ticket Sales Report

Rajni’s Sivaji ticket sale crippled Chennai theaters today(Jun10). Rajni fans all over Chennai gathered at cine theaters to purchase tickets for the first show of Sivaji. Mostly, Youngsters were seen in groups waiting outside the theaters to purchase the ticket, besides many ladies, were also rushing to theaters to procure tickets.

Rajesh, fan of Rajni says, I have been waiting in theater since morning 5 a.m, and I got the ticket only by 12.30 P.M. The range of ticket falls between Rs.150 to 500, officially the ticket was fixed between these ranges. Some sources claim that range may even exceed more than Rs.1000 but people are not bothered about the money, the only aim for them to watch the Super Star on screen at first day.

Starting from Udayam, Sathyam, Albert, Devi, AVM Rajeswari and Kamala people loitering in theater lobby to procure Sivaji tickets, the film is not only part of entertainment activity it was also consider to be a major festival season for Rajni fans, so Rajni fans are in hyper-mode in welcoming Rajni’s Sivaji.

Sivaji became talk of the town, at the same time the release of Sivaji had created negative impact too. As usual Rajni fans planned to erect a King size hoardings of Rajni inside Devi Theater, but Kamal Fans who are looking for Dasavatharam release already erected a huge hoardings in Devi Theater.

The conflict erupted when Rajni fan’s try to replace Kamal banner with Sivaji posters. The group of people who are seems to be Kamal fans try to stop the Rajni fans to do that, but Rajni fans by force had manage to place the Rajni poster, which subsequently turned into violent conflict. Theater owners felt the situation running out of control so they called the Police to intervene into this matter to resolve the dispute. After police intervention both group started to withdrew from the spot.

Theater owners were disturbed because of this incident, at the same time they taking precautionary measures to insure the security.

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