Siva Rajkumar in remake of Billa

Kollywood Today so far has been presenting the viewers with the exciting and sensational news. But now, we have something that will surely cause you rib pain of continuous laughing. Everyone knows that Don and Billa in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions has together crossed 4 versions.

The original version had Amitabh Bacchan in the lead role, Superstar Rajnikanth in Tamil and NT Rama Rao in Telugu version. Later Farah Akthar remade the movie in Bollywood with Shah Rukh Khan in lead role while Ajith Kumar in Billa directed by Vishnu Vardhan.

Directors and Actors who have been a part of these versions are really flashy and possessed lavish looks of a Don. But now the funniest part is that Kannada Actor Shiva Rajkumar has started remaking Don and Billa in Kannada. The film titled ‘Paramesha Paanwala’ is produced by Adhitya Babu and directed by Mahesh Babu.

Just imagine, the actors who had earlier been casted in these versions and many are not able to accept the fact that the Putra of Rajkumar is gonna play Don’s role.

We have a line for you relating to this news and it’s you can take it to your perception “Don’t throw the pearls before swine”

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