Sindhu Menon wants to act without make-up

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Sindhu Menon says that she wants to act without makeup. Eeram in which Sindhu Menon is acting is getting released next week. Sindhu Menon while speaking about this film said,” Eeram is a turning point in my career. I spared a lot of time to act in this film. Director Arivazhagan sculpted each scene with utmost care. I have done the role of a college student as well as a role of a wife. When I did the role of a student I come in the get up of a shy Brahmin role. I did the role of the wife with simplicity.

Normally those who do the role of a wife will have full make up. But I have acted without any make up. Normally I like to act without make up. Since I have acted practically in this film, I think I will touch the place which I had targeted in Tamil films. “

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