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Sindhoori spells out her mind

Sindhoori who did the female lead role in Shankar’s Boys is ready to don glamour roles. After Boys she migrated to Telugu cinema but now she is back to Tamil cinema. She was interviewed in a studio where she was giving glamorous poses.

Why this long break?

It is because of me. I was waiting for good offers. But I did not get good offers. Since I did not get offers in Tamil I wanted to try my luck in Telugu films. I did my first Telugu film which was titled Gundammakari Manavadu which was a super hit. After I was waiting for some good roles in Telugu films but I was not satisfied by the roles I got. It was all ordinary roles. Now I am getting offers in Tamil films. They are asking me to do glamour roles. I have decided not to wait any further so I agreed to do these roles. That is why I am getting these portfolios ready.

What are your expectations now?

I am prepared to act in any kind of role now. When I don’t get what I expected it is better to act in the roles you get. That is why I have made this decision. I have understood cinema only now. When I was acting in Thathi Tavathu Manasu I had received lot of offers. But I refused all these offers. I did not have enough experience at that time. But now I have lot of experience. I will act in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. They are asking me to act in tele serials. But for the time being I have not decided about this. I will act only ii films.

Do you have all the training to act in film?

In the beginning I did not understand properly. I immediately came to act when I got my offer. Now it is not the same. I have totally prepared myself. I know acting and dance. I will prove this at the appropriate time when I get the chance. After coming to act in glamour roles it is not right to say that I will act like this and will not act like this. I am prepared to act to any extant which the story demands.

The four people who starred with you in Boys are on the top. Did you see?

Yes it is the truth. They understood cinema properly and came to act. So they struggled hard and attained success. Now I have understood cinema well. The coming year will be my year. You are going to see this. I have undergone rigorous training and efforts. I have belief in my talents. Only talents will bring success.

Will you dance for a single song?

I am ready to dance. I have already decided. People can appreciate me for my good dance. Real talent gives real success. There are a lot of examples. If you strive hard one can win. My effort will also be like this

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