Silambarasan’s instinct

‘Back in home it’s called Raghavan Instinct’ – such a crazy line was penned by Gowtham Menon in Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu and now Simbhu having become his close friend has acquired his style. But this time in reality!!!

The actor had recently twitted that he didn’t pick the offer of Shankar’s ‘3 IDIOTS’ remake. The reason he quoted was ‘My Instinct is always right’. It looks like the actor must have asked Shankar to increase his footage unlike Sharman Joshi of Hindi version.

Although the actor had openly confessed that he will not be dancing for the ‘Endhiran’ music launch, he was up with a surprising show. In all likelihood, Silambarasan may sign ‘3 Idiot’ on the spur of moment and again say ‘My instinct is right now’.

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