Sila Nerangalil releases on February 29

One of the long awaited movies Sila Nerangalil will have its release on February 29 this Friday. Unlike most of the present day films, this flick will not carry any dragging and boring scenes. The movie is just for 2 hours and has a genre of musical suspense thriller.

It is about solving a murder mystery that had took place and has a backdrop of two different eras in 60s and present day. Srikanth Deva has scored an excellent music suiting him to the theme of film and National Award Winner Sreekar Prasad handles editing.

National Award Winner Jayaraj has handled story, screenplay, dialogues and direction for the film… Pyramid Saimira stands on the shoe of releasing Sila Neragalil starring Vincent Ashokan, Navya Nair and Vineeth in lead roles.

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