Siddique to direct Vijay’s 50th film

Vijay’s 50th film will be directed by Siddique. He has earlier directed Vijay in Friends. This film will be produced by his father S A Chandrasekaran. Currently Vijay is acting in Villu. After this he will act in the film Vetaikaran to be produced by A V M Balasubramanian. Vijay will also act in a triple role which is to be directed by Gowtham Menon.

When asked him how he deals with stress, he says, “I spend time with family and friends. But like I said, with friends the topic is always cinema. I also watch all movies irrespective of their performance at the box office- oduna padam, odaadhga padam, everything. I love Mission Impossible so much that I watched it every opportunity I got. It’s one of my favourite film till date. The theme song is still the ring tone of my mobile.”

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