Shruthi Haasan speaks about love

Shruthi Haasan while speaking to the media said,” First we should understand what is love. If we speak about love, we should not think that it is a romance between a male and female. We can love our work, our parents or the place we live. On Valentine Day we can love anything. But since we are talking about romance, I will speak about it. I don’t want to differentiate yesterday’s love and today’s love. There were belief and disbelief about romance at all point of time. There are people who have loved, married and won in their loves. People who had arranged marriages have also lost in their marriage life. If there are 10 in that, there are 10 in this also.

As far as I am concerned, love is a commitment. The commitment is that there should me mutual respect of each one’s feelings. It is important to have an understanding. Equally it is important to respect each other. Because the life style of each person will differ. I would say that marriage and love is only for a mere relation, then it is waste of time. There should be some kind of opposite attraction. In the previous generation, there was some kind of possessiveness. There was a compulsion that this is life and one had to change according to another whims and fancies. But this in generation there is nothing like that. If we are able to live together then we can sort out all the problems. There should be firmness in love. That is marriage. I always support marriage.”