Shraddha Srinath’s mysterious avatar in Arulnithi-Barath Neelakandan film

It looks like this gorgeous and talented beauty from the land of Sandalwood has an unconditionally link with Writing and Mystery. Well, it all started right from her first film which was critically acclaimed in Kannada titled ‘U-Turn’ followed by Tamil Blockbuster ‘Vikram Vedha’. While the former one had her play the role of a journalist, it had lots of mystery revolving around her. Significantly, Vikram Vedha had her as a bridge to mysterious revealing. Now she has something more identical to be unleashed in her upcoming film with Arulnithi in lead role.
“Yes, her role will be a kind of mysterious shade, where audiences will keep wondering who is she and what’s her intention? It’s somewhat similar on the lines of her roles in Vikram Vedha and U-Turn” starts of Barath Neelakandan, who is wielding megaphone for this film. He continues to add that audiences will even dare miss to their blink of eyes right from the beginning of the film involving her characterization.
On her part, Shraddha Srinath adds, “Casting me into the film was something out of plans. It all happened suddenly, when I had Barath coming down to Bengaluru for narrating the script. Usually, I don’t prefer listening to the scripts at night, but he had his narration between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. I was so much fascinated with how he has shaped up every scene, which is precisely connected as blocks without any interruption. I wouldn’t claim this film to be a thriller, but a psychological drama.”
With Darbuka Siva getting onboard to compose music and a commendable performer like Shraddha Srinath joining Arulnithi and team, it’s evident that the team has something promising to offer us.
“The inclusion of  Shraddha  has added more value to the film. She is an artiste of great potentiality.  This script demanded a performance oriented artiste and our first and fore most choice was Shraddha. Her professionalism and talent will give this film a great visibility” says Sankar of SP Cinemas.


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