Shooting of 60 films in trouble

Imagine shooting of 60 Tamil films are on halt and for the past few days, this has been the bleak scenario created by department of Light Men. Earlier, during last month, members of the Light Department had requested to hike the daily wages since, its very difficult to run their livelihood with the inflation. Now, Rs.350 has been paid to each individual in field, if the shooting takes place in Chennai and at outside locations, they are being remunerated with Rs.350. But, the members of Light Man Association sent a request letter to Tamil Nadu Producers Council and PEPSI Association on hiking their remuneration to Rs.500 in Chennai and Rs.550 at outside Chennai Locations.

However, with Producers Council not amending to the requests has decided not to increase their salaries. This has created more problematic situation both Chennai and outside locations with shooting of 60 films have been put to halt.

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