Shoot-the-breeze with Jai

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Jai was in high spirits because Goa has been released. While interacting with the media, he answered the following questions:It looks like you have teamed once again with the jolly gang in Goa?Yes. This is jolly good holiday film. But there will be a touch of our man Venkat Prabhu. Venkat Prabhu called upon me and told me that this film is a three hero subject. I went immediately. I am ready to work with Venkat Prabhu even if it is 10 hero subject. The only reason is friendship.After acting in single hero films, doesn’t your ego prevent you from acting with other heroes?I don’t have any ego. A director has told Dhanush a double her story.

When Dhanush agreed for this film, the director has asked which actor can be cast in the other hero role. Dhanush has recommended my name. It is not right for me to act when such a big hero has recommended me.You say that Ajith is everything to you and he is your Godfather. But you look like Vijay. Will you try to act like him?Ajith sir is my godfather. He is my well wisher. I can speak to him on phone whenever I want to. He used to lovingly give me advice and ideas. Vijay sir use to speak to me well if he meets me in person. He is my first hero. Even now also I have asked him to do a film with me. Simbhu is my best friend in this generation. He use to teach me lot of good things. In fact he is like a junior Ajith.

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