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Shocking News: Prashanth’s cruelty spoils producer’s life

Is there anyone keeping their faces grim when watching ‘Kai Pulla’ comedy from ‘Winner’? Obviously, there’s one person whose eyes are soaked with tears whenever he watches those comedy sequences. He’s none other than the film’s producer himself.

Producer Ramachandran hails from well-doing family with lots of business to handle. He’s been the most respected person in town. But today, he’s working as a hotel server for his bread and butter and to educate his son. His parents were the residents of big bungalow in town and today, they’ve rented a small hut-like room right next to the town’s graveyard.

We are sure this should’ve really got you aggressively infuriated about the persons responsible for such cruel acts. It’s none other than actor Prashanth and his father Thyagarajan. The father-son are well known for carrying out such conniving trite right from the beginning and now the revelation of producer reveals their true color.

When Ramachandran approached Prashanth with on offer, he had to pay him Rs.28 Lakhs as advance for a total remuneration of Rs.50 Lakhs. His father Thyagarajan never Okayed any script and finally signed Sundar C.

Has Thyagarajan ever allowed his son Prashanth to look his face completely on the mirror? If he had it done at least once, he wouldn’t have asked the producer to sign Kareena Kapoor to his heroine…. Finally, they signed newcomer from Telugu film industry – Aarthi Agarwal as film’s female lead and the producer was forced to pay a big sum.

Apparently, while shooting for a sequence in Kerala, Prashanth seems to have insisted to pay him some more amounts to buy a mansion along the shores. When Ramachandran couldn’t afford the money on that moment, Prashanth left for Chennai without making any prior notices and the producer had a big loss of Rs.80Lakhs and Aarthi Agarwal returned to USA. Of course, paying her Rs.8Lakhs was a terrible loss again. Somehow, the film was completed and it was Vadivelu who deduced his 4-day salary while Sundar C returned back 1.5Lakhs. Producers’ Council Executive member Siva Sakthi Pandian has been financially supporting for the education of Ramachandran’s son now.

At last Ramachandran concludes saying – “If I had listened to my father, I would’ve never got myself entangled in such speculative situation… Though the film was successful, the distributors who promised me to help left me desolated, except one distributor in Coimbatore…”

Even today, the producer cannot stop tears rolling down his cheeks when he comes across those comedy sequences of Vadivelu over the TV channels…

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