Shiva Sings a Hindi Number


Director Krishnan Jayaraj’s Sonna Puriyathu has a surprise element in it. Shiva, who plays the lead in the film along with Vasundhra, has written and sung a Hindi song, Rosa Heh, for the film. The song was not released in the audio CD to maintain the suspense element.
The director says, “Shiva has done a good job with the lyrics and has sung the number well. This song will be the highlight of the film.”
Shiva plays the role of a dubbing artist in this out-and-out comedy film. “His character dubs for English films,” Krishnan adds, “The story is very simple. Shiva hates to get married. He prefers staying single, but meets a girl, owing to pressure from family. The journey between the two characters forms the plot of the film. I’ve interestingly woven humour to
this script. We shot most of the scenes in the city and a major portion in Gopichettipalayam. We also shot a song in Bangkok.”
He says, “I have not tried to convey any message through this film. It will be an entertaining film with an interesting story and
funny characters.”
Sonna Puriyathu, produced by Sri Thenandal Pictures, will be released by veteran director and producer Rama Narayanan’s son, N Ramaswamy

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