Shankar Ai Movie 75% Completed


The Following Message was written by Shankar at his Official Website

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a year since we started shooting for ‘Ai’ and technically it is taking its own time for Vikram’s physical change, scanning, molding and for preparing prosthetic make up materials, but I believe it’s worth the wait.

In May I had visited Weta Workshop, New Zealand and met Richard Taylor, the co-founder of Weta, and other artists and technicians. Richard Taylor is a very creative and wonderful person and I was surprised to see him working along with others in the workshop, sculpting a horse for some project. What I liked the most about him is that he is keen on the creative part than the business part.

Had storming sessions regarding the look of Vikram and others in ‘Ai’. They took me through the whole Weta Workshop and I was amazed to know all the stunning visuals, makeup and props which I saw in the recent year’s movies are done by Weta. I had the same excitement when I visited Stan Winston Studios, US for ‘Endhiran’.

In June we had a three week schedule that happened in Bangalore, Mysore and Chennai. An eye riveting make up for Vikram was done by Sean Foot and Davina Lamont, and Vikram proved he’s a great actor once again. Now we’ve completed 75% of the movie and going for the next schedule in a couple of days.

Catch you soon!

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