Shakthi Chidambaram lashes out Mani Rathnam’s spouse

Alas! It was a pitiable moment to witness Producer-Director Shakthi Chidambaram drenched in absolute shock. It’s all after watching Suhasini reviewing his film ‘Rajathi Raja’ in the previous week’s episode.

Speaking on the occasion, Shakthi Chidambaram said, “What does this lady think about herself? She is a film personality and isn’t just a film critic… How dare can she make bad comments about my film. I would have accepted her review if she was an eminent filmmaker like Mani Rathnam, Balu Mahendra or K. Balachandar who elevated the standard of Tamil Cinema. Raghava Lawrence has made his way to Manthralayam after getting more shocked with Suhasini’s take on him. She gets paid with just Rs. 10,000 for an episode to review a film and she’s crossing her limit. She is supposed to point the mistakes and needn’t give us suggestions of how to make a film. Even one of her directorial has been a terrifying flop…”

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