Shaam’s new avatar of ‘producer’ with ‘Agam Puram’

Shaam’s splendiferous career started-off with his debut flick ‘12B’ that was manifestly followed by his nebulous successes with ‘Lesa Lesa’, ‘Iyarkai’, ‘Ae Nee Romba Azhaga Irukka’ and ‘Thoondil’. Precisely, all his films have been crafted on various genres and so will be his upcoming flick ‘Agam Puram’.

This film means very special to Shaam for as he embarks a new journey as producer…. The actor shared this glad tiding with media channels during an interaction session held last evening at Benz Park Hotel, herein Chennai.

Moving about with his new venture, Shaam says, “Agam Puram has every reason to speak about. Director Thirumalai has crafted an interesting story and screenplay with his proficient potentials. The film was earlier produced by GK Films Corporation and as the budget crossed above-the-line, the producers backed off from this project. It was patently because some of the major portions had to be shot in foreign locales and they couldn’t afford for it. In the past, many films had witnessed similar scenarios of financial crisis, but I never intended to produce them. But ‘Agam Puram’ has lots of substantiality to prove at its best and I have strong faith in Thirumalai. The entire team has been sharing a sort of great friendliness that furthermore urged me not to miss such an offer….”

Adding more, the actor officially announced about his other film ‘Dhusi’ – an action packed entertainer based on true story that happened in a village named Dhusi. The film will be produced by Shaam himself and his favorite Thirumalai will wield the megaphone.

Well, about his other film ‘Thillalangadi’ – a remake of his Telugu film ‘Kick’, Shaam admits that the entire production unit Editor Mohan, Jeyam Ravi and Raja treated him like their own family member and it gradually increased his involvement over the film to a greater magnitude. Though, the actor has received more offers in Tollywood, he has put them on hold with accordance to ‘Telangana issue’ that has broken out there. But he has reaffirmed his debut in Kannada films and about his Bollywood project, Shaam utters, “Yes, the film has been titled as ‘I am Sorry’ and lots of works are pending in preproduction phase. Once, the production unit is completely done; we’ll make official confirmations about it….”

Shaam feels so elated about working in various regional films, but assures that he would obviously look into every page of screenplay and other entire team before signing any projects.

Finally, the actor thanked the journalists for supporting him with great regards in spite of not meeting them for past couple of years.

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