Selvaragavan to Pay 17 Crores for Irandam Ulagam Loss ?


There was already a buzz going around that Selvaraghavan had agreed to compensate for the Irandam Ulagam loss by Directing another Dhanush starrer free of cost even some industry trackers confirmed the news. Now there is another buzz that Selva has to repay 17.5 crores to PVP cinemas for the Irangam Ulagam debacle.
It is said that there was an agreement that Selvaraghavan and PVP had agreed to share profit/loss by 50-50% and since the the film’s budget is 65 crores, Selva will now repay 17.5 crores to PVP cinemas. The Producers Council President added insult to injury when he said movie like Irandam Ulagam should not be made again and directors should not play with producers money and should direct films which earn profit to producers.

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