Seeman’s niece Yaazhini blessed by Padma Subramaniam

Director Seeman’s niece Yaazhini delivered a stupendous show of ‘Bharatha Natiyam’ at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan on Sunday evening. Much spellbound with her stunning dance movements and gestures with blissful expressions, the entire throngs at auditorium were enthralled and applauded for her. Speaking on the occasion, Veteran Ace Padma Subramaniam blessed her, ‘Yaazhini was born and brought up somewhere, but has made her way crossing various hurdles in expressing gratitude for the art of Tamil Culture. Her master Nataraj has all the credits bestowed on him.

When a girl has good body shapes, she can get better body gestures. But expressions are the hardest things that one has to acquire with more difficulty and involvements. I am sure Yaazhini has done that pretty well.

Ace Poetess Tamizhacchi on the occasion said, ‘A Sculptures beauty lies in the stones that were carved out. Likewise, at this point where everyone is losing a prominent art, Yaazhini has come with a brilliant effort in showcasing her potentials…’

Director Seeman, Thankar Bacchan and other close relatives of Yaazhini were present there.

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