I See a lot of Positive change in Karthi – Kajal Agarwal


One of her recent films in Tamil, Maattrraan, was with Suriya, and now, Kajal Aggarwal is working with his brother Karthi in All in All Azhaguraja. Currently in the city for promotions, the actress gets talking about her co-star in her upcoming release, working with Ilayathalapathy Vijay and more.
Director Rajesh’s heroines are usually a lot of fun and have a comic streak in them. What’s your character like in this film?
I play a sweet girl called Chitra Devi Priya, who is confused. She is a little arrogant, but she’s a sweetheart nonetheless. She believes she’s God’s gift to mankind and that she’s an unmatchable artist. Every day on the set was hilarious. I used to die laughing because of the situational comedy.
The fact that you had a funny team must’ve helped…
Oh yes. As a person, director Rajesh is hilarious and ensured I understood each Tamil dialogue. Santhanam, as a person, is crazy, as we all know. And, Karthi too is equally crazy!
You’ve done a film with Karthi and lots of ads. That must have helped you build a good rapport with him on screen as well…
More than the ads, the movie — Naan Mahaan Alla — helped us bond a lot. We had a great rapport to begin with and All in All… was more comfortable in terms of understanding each other. I see a lot of positive change in Karthi in terms of performance. He’s always been vibrant but now, he now comes across as more aware of his craft. He has mastered the craft now.
What makes you say that?
He doesn’t settle for a shot just because the director feels it’s good. He doesn’t give up till he is satisfied. As a co-star, that’s very inspiring.
Suriya in Maattrraan and brother Karthi now — any differences you’ve observed?
Well, Karthi is a total extrovert and Suriya is reserved. However, I see more similarities between the brothers — they’re both cultured and disciplined.
Any Bollywood projects in the offing?
As I had committed to my Tamil films, I have to finish them first. But I will be doing a Hindi film very soon. There is something in the pipeline, but I can’t reveal anything about it at this point of time.
Would you do a multi-starrer in Tamil?
It is a good trend and if I’m able to relate to my character in the film, I will gladly go for it. Most of my Telugu films have been multistarrers. I’m comfortable in my own skin, so I have no issues.
From Bharathiraaja’s Bommalattam to All in All Azhaguraja, how do you see the change in you as an actress?
Well, it’s been massive. I was a baby back then. I’ve had no formal training in cinema and it was very difficult initially. I look like an idiot in some of my initial films. I’d rather not watch them. But I have grown over the years and understood how movies work. You just learn and grow, I guess…
Your sister Nisha did a film in Tamil (Ishtam) but has been missing here since then…
She’s busy with projects in Tollywood. I don’t interfere with her choice of films. But, we are both extremely critical of each other. In fact, she doesn’t like me in most of my films! She thinks that I can do much better.
What’s the update on Jilla, in which you’re sharing screenspace with Vijay?
I have an action-oriented role and, as everybody knows, I’m quite excited to be working again with Ilayathalapathy Vijay, after having done Thuppakki with him. We still have some scenes to finish and I think we’ll be heading to Slovenia soon for a schedule.

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