Secret Report: Is this story of Kandasamy?

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Socio-commercial films have one thing in common. An innocent man striving hard with earnest efforts to bring light on below-the-poverty line peoples and eventually get deteriorated by the baddies and thusly, he has to go for a new avatar of savior. Much incisively, it was more evident with Rajnikanth starrer ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ and Vikram’s ‘Anniyan’.

We aren’t sure about the closer sources revealing the truth. Perhaps, we have the story shot out by them. According to them, it’s all about a CBI officer who tries to put an end to economic offences. On the tougher situation, when he’s handicapped with more obstructions, the avatar of ‘Kandasamy’ – The Superhero Robin Hood will appear and wipe off the evil activities.

We’ve got to wait and watch over for the film’s release and keep logging to this column for more and interesting updates on this.

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