Sarvam audio launch on Feb 14

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February indeed happens to be a fantastic month for Aarya as he has lots of celebrations in film industry. With his magnum opus ‘Naan Kadavul’ hitting worldwide screens today, ‘Sarvam’ will have its audio launched on February 14. None needs a better illustration for the best comb of Vishnuvardhan-Aarya-Yuvan Shankar Raja spelling magical treats with ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum’ and ‘Pattiyal’. However, sources have revealed that it’s a remake of Hindi film and the story is all about vengeance. If what they say is true, then the story goes this way….

Aarya and Trisha are in love…. Aarya’s happy life is shattered when Trisha is murdered by J.D. Chakravarthy. Trisha’s eyes are now placed for a small kid. Well, this is something we heard.

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