Saroja on it over-hype process

None of the films make it big if over hypes and promos are done for the film. Even the most expected flicks like Kuselan flunked with Director P.Vasu promoting his film to a more level. Situation seems to be the same for Saroja with Venkat Prabhu and Producer T.Siva creating more hype for the film.

Fine! The storyline is somewhat unique, but this is nothing new. But, boasting about them that they are pioneering with innovative script. Anyways, nothing can be predicted with the promos and its audiences who can decide after watching the film.

Earlier, plans were to release the movie along with Dhaam Dhoom and Jayam Kondan. But all of sudden due to unavoidable reasons, the film has been postponed to a week later on September 5.

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