Sarath Kumar takes special interest in production


Buoyed by the news that Malayalam comedy “Ustad Hotel” pocketed three National awards this year, Tamil actor R. Sarath Kumar has expressed interest to co-produce more films with the film’s producer Listin Stephen.

Listin and Sarath are awaiting the release of Tamil drama “Chennaiyil Oru Naal”, Tamil remake of Malayalam hit “Traffic”, which they have co-produced.

“Sarath Kumar has congratulated Listin on the National award win. They are looking forward to the release of ‘Chennaiyil Oru Naal’, which they believe has shaped well. Sarath has plans to remake and co-produce few more movies such as ‘Puli Vaal’ among many more,” a statement said.

Director Marimuthu will helm “Puli Vaal”, a Tamil thriller. It will be a remake of the Malayalam film “Chaappa Kurishu”, and will feature Prasanna Venkatesan, Vimal, Parota Soori, Iniya, Prnaitha and Thambi Ramaiah.

Meanwhile, “Chennai Oru Naal”, directed by Shaheed Kader, is releasing March 29. It is based on a true story of how an accident intertwines the lives of few characters.

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