Sarath Kumar and his friends snubbed

The Actor’s Association chief Sarath Kumar, Sathyaraj and T. Rajendran who spoke irresponsibly on the Rajnikanth apology issue have been now snubbed. Kuselan roaring hit has plunged these people into deep distress. The people holding responsible post should know how to handle such situations.

Only half baked people and empty vessels will make sound disturbing others peace. At the height of Karnataka’s protest against the Hogenekkal water project, the actor had pulled up Kannadigas for opposing the scheme. However, on the eve of the release of his film, Kuselan, he expressed regret for his “generalised statement” against Kannadigas. Sarath Kumar who boasts himself that he is a real Tamilian should stop acting in the Kannada film. Film and music have no barriers and borders. Where did these people go when Rajni’s effigies were burned in Karnataka during the Hogenakkal issue? Rajnikanth had once issued a statement that he is not bothered if Kuselan is not released in Karnataka. For ones kind information Rajnikanth is not a Kannadiga but a Maharashtrian by birth.

Politicians of all hue and colour including the star’s ‘bete noire’ PMK did not raise any issue on the controversial apology. Veteran director K.Balachandar defended his actions at a public function and supported his theory that he had not apologized! Noted film makers like Bharathiraja, Seeman, Ameer and P.Vasu issued statements supporting him and also thanked him for helping distributors recover their costs by releasing Kuselan in Karnataka.

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