Santhanam responsible for Settai


Settai starring Arya, Hansika, Anjali, Premji and Santhanam in the lead which is set to hit the screens on April 5th is UTV’s remake of Bollywood film ‘Delhi Belly’. During a recently held press meet by the makes, meet, UTV’s Dhananjayan said that director Kannan, Arya and Santhanam are the main cause for the film taking shape.

It is said that director Kannan narrated the story to Santhanam first and got his nod before Arya agreed to be a part of the film. Comedy superstar Santhanam seems have come up with quite a few one liners in the film adding a punch to the film. While the Hindi film had an ‘A’ certificate for it adult content, director Kannan has tweaked the story for the Tamil audiences.

The makers have also clearly stated earlier that Settai is an adaptation from Delhi Belly and not a completed rip off of the original.

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