Santhanam and Simbhu , Sivakarthikeyan and Dhanush


Santhanam and Simbhu , Sivakarthikeyan and Dhanush

It is known to everyone that Santhanam was given the first moviechance by Simbu. Santhanam is ever grateful to Simbu for the same andthey share a great rapport ever since. In a similar way, Sivakarthikeyan was given a new lease of life by Dhanush and they arethick friends. Apparently it is reported that Dhanush shares everything with Sivakarthikeyan including his personal and family matters. As the good friend he is, Sivakarthikeyan never ever openshis mouth about the same to anyone else.

The industry people have started comparing Sivakarthikeyan to Santhanam in that case.

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