Sangeetha’s ‘yes’ for glamour

When asked Sangeetha whether she will do glamour roles, she said,” I am stamped as a glamour actress since I acted in films like Uyir and Dhanam. Since the characters of the film were such I had to act glamorously. I will not act in glamour roles if the story does not demand it. I also have not donned a glamour role in Nan Avan Illai Part 2. I am not one of the girls cheated by the hero.

But I don a different kind of role where I narrate why the girls are cheated. Apart from this I am currently acting in Telugu film Srimathi Kalyanam and Kutty Pisasu. In the both the films I am doing homely roles. There is no truth in the news that I am avoiding films like Dhanam. Why should I avoid such roles? I am ready to act in such roles. But I am not getting such stories.”

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