Sangeetha – ‘Why I became a don?’

Sangeetha is acting as woman don in the film Thambikottai. While speaking about this she said,’ I am donning the role of a woman don in the film Thambikottai. It is almost like a guest role. The whole theatre will be rocking in the scene which I will appear for 15 minutes only. I have acted so much. I will be using paan and with that intoxication I will batter the men. First I was reluctant to act in such a role.

But there are such women in real life. The director showed me the clippings from the newspaper about these women. After seeing this I agreed to act. The shooting took place for 10 days. Every day I use to eat 20 beedas. At times my tongue used to get wounded. I took treatment after the shooting was over. Luckily I did not get addicted to beedas.”

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