Sangeetha is more concerned about image

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Eventually, the scenario would be all the same when it comes to every actresses planning to make their second innings after marriage. However, some of them step out of that box merely to get on the dais of controversies. But Sangeetha doesn’t want to blow up her imagine on certain pages of media. Speaking more about her futuristic plans, the actress added, “I have been offered with similar roles that I used to don prior to my marriage. But then, in Kollywood there happens to be a decent image for the actresses who are married and I don’t want to spoil that one.

Right now, I have started shooting for the sequel of ‘Naan Avanillai’ starring Jeevan alongside 5 heroines in lead role. ‘Pithamaghan’ was something more flamboyant to me in terms of offering me a great phase in Tamil film industry. Similarly, if I tend to come across a challenging role, I would run straight into the filming set by tomorrow.”

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