Sangeetha and her favorite remake

Be it actor, actresses, director or any comedians: all of them have added up an aspect in their favorites. Well, its none other than their favorite films in which they like to take up in remaking them. Obviously, Sangeetha is no exception for she too has a flick in mind. More interested in classical dance, Sangeetha says that she would be delighted if any of the filmmakers do remake Salangai Oli and cast her in the role of Jayapradha. So, whom would be the hero she wants to be placed in the role of Kamal Haasan? “Let it be Kamal Haasan for there is no such actor who can either hold his place” says Sangeetha.

At present, she has completed shooting for ‘Dhanam’ in Tamil and ‘Indrajith’ in Telugu. Sangeetha has plans to go for a tour for taking rest and then take up other projects. Also she has plans to join hands with her brother who is planning to produce a film…

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