Sandhya changes the title of a film

How could a heroine take such a drastic step of changing the film’s title? If you had this in your mind after reading the title, please correct yourselves. The film starring Shakthi and Sandhya is titled as ‘Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar’ is directed by P.V.Ravi, once assistant director of Lingusamy. Uttering about the film’s title and its connection with Sandhya, he said, “Earlier, the film was titled as Mahesh Sandhya Mattrum Palar and that was the time when Sandhya wasn’t confirmed for the film. But, later when she was finalized for the film, the title had to be changed”.

The film is about love that blossoms between a female playback singer and a college student that is celebrated by both the families. But the problem strikes through the terrifying situation and that turns out to be antagonist is the film.

Shooting is almost completed and will hit the screens universally in the month of September.

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