Sandhya becomes devotee of Shyamalamman

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Our Kollywood film personalities are far-famed for visiting temples for their hopeless cases getting fulfilled. Fine! If you want to know the flop list of actresses in Kollywood, make a visit to this temple and you’ll know them. Exactly, many actresses like Sanghavi, Swathi and other have been making their visit very often to this temple.

The latest to follow the queue is none other than our ‘Kadhal’ Sandhya. The actress has become an ardent devotee of Goddess Shyamalamman as she is rigidly involved in prayers.

When approached Sandhya, she said, “Definitely, not for the sake of chances. But I’m praying for good luck.”

As well ‘Jeyam’ Ravi and their entire family are also making their visit to this temple.

AGMARK Thillalangadi guys – We think they pray that more audiences shouldn’t have watched ‘KICK’.

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