Sandai to Hit the Screens

Sandai the forthcoming movie of Actor – director Sundar C has shaped out well to become a hit. The movie is to hit the screen within few days. The movie is full of action with the sole aim at promoting peace in a warring family. Sundar C, Namitha and Nadhiya play prominent roles in it. As the title suggests, Sandai is a movie about a fight within a family. An upright son-in-law takes on an arrogant mother-in-law. It has emotions, humour and action. Several movies have been made with a similar storyline in the past.

But the real difference here is the way in which story is presented. It is made to suit today’s audience. This film has been directed by Sakthi Chidambaram. He is highly impressed with the performance of Sundar.C and also adds that though Sundar.C though a popular never interfered in work. He is a director’s actor and does what his director wants him to do.

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