Sanakhan gets bail and starts shooting


Sana Khan has finally got a breather. Her anticipatory bail application has been accepted. The actress, set to make her Hindi film debut in the Salman Khan starrer Mental, is charged with attempted abduction’ of a 15-year-old girl. Sana said: “I don’t want to revisit the nightmare that was the last month. I had done no wrong and I was being implicated.”
Sana has been accused of plotting the abduction of a teenage girl who had spurned a marriage proposal from her cousin Naved. But the actress vehemently rejects the charge levelled against her saying: “Am I mad to try and abduct somebody? Getting a 15-year-old married could give me life imprisonment. Nobody in my family has had a love marriage till date, forget eloping. I have got such a great opportunity to kick-start my career in Bollywood with a film starring Salman Khan. Am I stupid to throw it all for such a thing? ” So what exactly happened that pushed the girl’s family to lodge an FIR against her? Regaining her composure, Sana says: “Since you insist, I will tell you exactly how it all started. But before that I want to clarify that I am not on the run. But yes, I had disconnected my phone for a few days around that time. Too many people were calling up and I had no intention to talk about this to every Tom, Dick and Harry. If I wanted to speak, I knew whom to call.”
Sana says: “I am not someone who interferes in the love life of others. I am not a matchmaker running a marriage bureau. I met Naved’s ‘friend’ at Sion. She told me that her mom wanted to meet me. Which is why I went to her Navi Mumbai residence. The next thing I knew, they had filed a police complaint against me!”
According to Sana, the girl’s family is implicating her to get media attention at her expense. “What else could be the reason? Why are people so harsh on actors? I have been going through this since my modelling days, but now I don’t care. I just want to stay away from such needless controversies,” says Sana, who has had her fair share of them: In March 2007, Sana’s TV commercial for a men’s underwear brand had created an uproar and consequently it was banned on grounds of obscenity. However, the company re-hired Sana, shot another commercial for the same brand in February 2008. Then came her linkup with Salman — rumours were doing the rounds that she was Salman’s favourite in the Bigg Boss house in the 6th edition of the reality show. And the latest was she being a much-married woman, which she denies.
Meanwhile, Naved has been given clear instructions by Sana to cut off all ties with the girl in question. “Tomorrow they might accuse us of much graver sins,” she says.

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