Sana Khan slams down Simbhu

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Sana Khan is currently pairing with Bharath in the film Thambikku Indha Ooru directed by Badri. This film is being produced by V K Media. Sana Khan while speaking about her cinema experience said,” I was acting in ad films in Mumbai. Simbhu called me to act in the film Kettavan.

But since that film was delayed I got the opportunity to act in the film Silambattam. I came to cinema through this film. Simbhu is my mentor in cinema. I became famous in Tamil Nadu because of him. I am donning the role of a city girl in the film Thambikku Indha Ooru. When I go for training to Singapore I meet Bharath. Romance blossoms between us. The film has come out well. It was pleasant experience acting with Bharath. He helped me a lot to do my role well…”

Bharath while speaking said,” This film Thambikku Indha Ooru will be a different kind of film in my cinema career. I am a youngster living in Singapore. I come to India in search of my lover. This film will be a stylish one.”

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