Samira Reddy shares her experience

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Samira Reddy who is currently acting in Asal with Ajith said,” Recently there was a lunch arranged for me at Shivaji’s house since I am acting in their production. I have not seen such a big banquet so far. There were 12 varieties of Biriyani. The Dum Biriyani was so tasty. Apart from their food their hospitality was so overwhelming. I think I can come to Chennai at least once in a month to taste their lunch. I am donning the role of a stylish business woman in the film Asal. The shooting in Malaysia has been completed.

Nexy month we will be going to European countries to continue the shooting. I have taken training for scuba diving. I also have scuba diving license. I use to go for scuba diving once the shooting is over in Malaysia. 20 days were jolly good time for me in Malaysia. Ajith use to think of his daughter always. He used to always see the video that he has shot his daughter’s pranks and enjoy it. I had also seen the video of his daughter. She is such a beautiful and sweet girl. She had recited Jana Gana Mana on the video.”

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