Salmankhan and Sohail Teasing Me – Sanakhan


For someone who has been embroiled in a controversy involving an alleged kidnapping of a minor girl, Sana Khan sounds happy. Her anticipatory bail has been confirmed recently and the Silambattam girl is now gearing up to start the next schedule of her Salman Khan-starrer Mental.
“When I applied for an anticipatory bail, many said that I must be on the wrong side to seek bail. But no one realizes that an FIR has been filed against me and to avoid being put behind the bars, I have no option but to seek an anticipatory bail. It’s a legal procedure,” begins Sana, who terms the whole one-and-halfmonth of hassle as a “scary phase”. She adds, “I didn’t think I’d have to go through this s**t so early in my career. It’s commoners who usually fall prey to such things. But now, an actor has become a victim.”
Sana says the media reported the issue on May 24, but a case had been filed on May 1. “I met the girl almost 30 hours before the FIR was filed. Why had the family waited for so long? How could a small girl, hardly 15, have managed to overpower me and three guys (Sana’s cousin Naved and his friends), and call her mother? My lawyer is working on the case now, and I’m sure truth will come to light,” she adds.
The actress continues, “I’m an educated woman, and I don’t believe in marrying off a 15-year-old girl. I met the family for 20 minutes, and only because the girl told me her mother is a big fan of mine after she’d seen Bigg Boss. But why would the girl step out of her place to meet a guy who she claims has been forcing her for marriage? The girl has not been kidnapped for even a second.”
So, what about reports that she was been missing for the first few days after the legal case was filed? “I had been shooting right from May 1 to 21. I’d come to Chennai at that time, was present at an event in Kerala which had all the superstars of Malayalam cinema in attendance,” she answers.
Recent rumours had it that Sana was already married to a man called Asif Khan, and that he has been helping her in landing big ticket films, including Mental. “Who’s Asif Khan? There’s no Asif in my life.”
Despite all the controversies, Sana says she’s carrying on with her life as usual. “I will start shooting for Mental in Hyderabad from July 5. I’m happy Salman Khan tweeted about me and the whole unit is concerned. In fact, Salman, Sohail and the rest are now teasing me, saying they have to give me proper lines or else I will kidnap them! Now, I just want to concentrate on my work, and start looking at interesting films in the south too,” she signs off.

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