Sakthi’s reconciliation, Vadivelu’s Stubbornness

Sakthi Chidambaram’s arrogant gesture had got Vadivelu infuriated with him. The drama over Vadivelu walking out of ‘Guru Shishyan’ has been well known.

Now the biggest question is that did Sakthi Chidambaram rope in Vadivelu for photo shoot just for the sake of publicizing the film and selling it to distributors? Of course, in the past Sakthi Chidambaram’s films witnessed success patently with the presence of Namitha and Vadivelu. But when Sakthi Chidambaram wanted to try his luck sans these people, it resulted in flop shows.

And again, the filmmaker approached Vadivelu for ‘Guru Shishyan’ and then never invited him to the sets until Vadivelu himself found out that the filming was completed and all the comedy tracks was handled by Sathyaraj himself. Since Vadivelu has made it as a big issue, Sakthi has now come forward for reconciliation and still the comedy actor is so stubborn about not shaking hands with him.

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