S.A. Rajkumar rents his studio for Thamman

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Having replicating the same tunes over and again in all his films, S.A. Rajkumar seems to have lost his market rapidly. Now, he’s running out of offers and is busy hosting musical shows for marriage ceremonies and special programs.

According to calls on air, the music director has rented out for his music studio to Thamman to record the songs. Perhaps, Thamman seems to be finding the recording studio as a lucky hub as all the songs tuned over there have become chartbusters. Well, it’s not about luck as the talented persons will find fortune even at a hut.

Let’s hope S.A. Rajkumar makes a good comeback with some interesting melodies and engross us.

It’s worth mentioning that there are happening music directors, who help each other by giving their studios to others.

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