Rivalry postpones Director Association election

Following hostility and mud-slinging between camps, the Tamil Film Directors Association election on Sunday was put off. One senior director, Selvamani was reportedly beaten up in an angry fracas last night, which was a prelude to some ugly exchanges this morning. Police officials had to intervene to bring down the commotion. Tension prevailed right from the morning at the Tamil Film Directors Association office as the polls to elect office-bearers for the association was set to begin. The Tamil Film Directors Association comprises 1400 members and the top men of the association wield considerable clout in the industry.

Veteran director Bharathiraja was standing for the top post of the president and several prominent names including P Vasu, Bhagyaraj, Selvamani and Vikraman were in the field for various posts led by Bharathiraja. However, with some assistant and associate directors deciding to jump into the fray, the scene hotted up. They forged an association called Nalaya Iyakunargal Sangam and chose to contest for all the posts, except the president, secretary and the treasurer. When everything was set for polling to begin this morning, over 250 assistant directors thronged the place to cast their votes. Eventually, the election was put off amidst animosity and confusion with rival groups making contradictory claims.

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