Remix culture – delighting or sickening??

This has been the latest topic in Kollywood and of course controversies to have shot with regarding this issue. Remixing songs: do they really happen to great treat for the present generation or an annoying part for the music lovers who were bound together with yesteryear melodies and got sickened after hearing the remix of same songs.

Let’s take a glimpse through the origin of remix era in Tamil film industry…

It all started with Yuvan Shankar Raja when he added additional beats to his father’s yesteryear Pop song ‘Aasai Nooru Vagai’. This song was done for Vishnuvardhan’s debut directorial ‘Kurumbu’. Then, came the remix star D.Imman who dominated with all his extravaganzas of gimmicks in adding English raps to the songs. However, the entire globe would agree with the fact that AR Rahman, the music-techno-superstar is the king of remix. Not just the songs, he has his creativity laid on each and every tunes he renders music for.

His first one ‘ Thottal Poo Malarum’ was out of blue since it didn’t carry the same old tune. But an enchanting tune and mild beats picked the attention. Sooner bloomed the market for remixes where each and every music director in tinsel town started to show their works of remix.

There was also some of the funny part where music directors like Mani Sharma had no efforts put on remixing the songs. Well, it was more evident with ‘Aae Aattha Aathoramma Vaariya’ for Malaikottai. No changes were made for the song other than adding sound beats.

Yuvan Shankar Raja and Vishnu Vardhan together shored on a blockbuster remake ‘Billa’ where couple of songs were remixed. “My Name is Billa” and “Vaitthalaya Pottendi” were exactly the same in new version. However, feedbacks were that the songs of original version weren’t overbeaten by Yuvan.

A.R.Rahman, the remix King came up with an astounding score for Vijay’s Azhagiya Tamizh Magan on ‘Ponmagal Vandhal’. The song was really an excellent piece of work where the voices were superb and of course the music, mild beats and rap relating to the main songs added more colors to the tune.

So over here, we have something for our viewers to decide who is the best music director churning out stupendous remixes? Type in your favorite music directors, the remix songs they have tuned and the reason why you like in the below presented comments section…