Rejected scripts becoming successful films

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Most of the times, it happens in Tamil film industry that rejected scripts just turn out to big tickets in box office. Splendidly, ‘Chennai 600028’, ‘Nadodigal’ and more films off that sort have been the best exemplifications.

During an important juncture pertaining to ‘Chennai 600028’, actor Madhavan confessed his open statement saying – “When Venkat Prabhu screened the film, I just made a open judgment that this film will not be a hit. But now, I really regret for having been so immature in judging a good film.”

Likely, the recent release ‘Nadodigal’ has a terrific story in the past. As couple of Samuthirakani’s films including ‘Neranja Manasu’ turned to be flops, the filmmaker couldn’t get a better producer. He seems to have narrated the script to more producers for 5 years and none of them came forward to produce it.

Not patently these ones, but there has been more films that were rejected by many producers and finally made it bigger than expected at box office.

Once director Gowtham Menon stated that when he approached Madhavan for ‘Minnale’, the actor requested him to narrate the story for Manirathnam as he had believed him to be his mentor…. But the ace filmmaker just came up with a brief conclusion that the film will not be a successful one. In contrast, it turned to be biggest blockbuster of the season.

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