Reasons to Celebrate with Subway

I could talk food all day. I love good food. Tom Brady made an awesome statement and it’s everyone’s word as ‘Food’ is the only source that offers delicious experience to all our senses. It’s the only arena that gives way to appreciation, fame and almost every source of happiness for the ones, who create beautiful recipes. Subway – the brand has it all that you need, gratifying you at every crunch. Ranging from the lay persons to the most celebrated personalities across the globe everyone loves to have it.

Well the Menu Options indeed gives us a scrumptious experience that includes – Favorites, Traditional, Local Subs, Vegetarian Subs, 97% Fat Free Subs, Extras, Breakfast, Making your Sub as Salad, Desserts, Cookies, Beverages.

You’ll go mesmerized tasting the most luscious Tune, Chicken Ham, Roasted China, Chicken Teriyaki. The traditional category of food involves the pleasant-tasting Italian B.M.T. that is absolutely an extreme pleasure for the tongue that goes inclusive of sliced salami, pepperoni, Ham and the vegetables on your choice and condiments. The Turkey dish is completely low in fat and Subway offers you sliced Turkey Breast that boasts of crisp veggies and the choice of condiments to be made by you. The Traditional menu doesn’t end here for it goes more like – Subway Melt, Turkey and Chicken Ham, Chicken and Bacon Ranch.

Local subs include Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh, Chicken Tandoori, and Chicken Achari. As you glimpse upon the pics of these dishes, your tongues starts rolling for its gratification.

The vegetarian sub goes with Veggie Delite, Veggie Patty, Paneer Tikka, Veg Shammi, Aloo Patty. And for the ones persistently seeking for the menu that boasts of 97% Fat Free Subs Chicken Teriyaki will serve to the core of their needs and the list goes on and on with Chicken Ham, Roasted Chicken, Turkey, Subway Club, Chicken Tikka, Turkey and Chicken Ham, Veggie Delite and so on.

With so many subs in the menu card literally getting you perplexed, Subway offers a schedule to follow on each day at just Rs. 80. Mondays with Roasted Chicken Breast, Aloo Patty on Tuesday, Chicken Ham on Wednesday, Veg Shammi on Thursdays, Chicken Seekh on Fridays, Tuna on Saturdays and the week to end with Chicken Tandoori on Sunday.

With so many branches in situated in town, Chennaites have more reason to rejoice and go delighted with these delicious subs.

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