Re-shoot mania striking down

Put off the remakes! Kollywood has been vividly experiencing whole lot of reshooting the songs and scenes looking out for perfections. Of course, reshooting the scenes is not off a big deal since there wouldn’t any problems in doing it. But, reshooting a song is something of the difficult sort, because few steps may be changed and the camera angles may differ. Nevertheless, couple of most sensational songs of the recent times is being reshot since it has haunted with the people with its fever. With no guesses, you can easily figure out the two best recent songs that are yet to hit the screens.

‘Naakka Mukka’ from Kadhalil Vizhundhen and ‘Taxi Taxi’ from Sakkarakatti have been swaying across all the centres. With different styles and tempos, the songs are frequently aired across the dance floors and slum areas. Where it maybe, the song is really enjoyed by all age groups starting from small kid to 70-year old grannies.

‘Nakka Mukka’, the song from the audio album of Kadhalil Vizhundhen had hit the audio stores nearly an year ago and the film hasn’t released yet. As you all know, with the film’s release getting delayed more and more, few may get out of their expectations losing interest out of it. But this song has really enchanted everyone with its beat and especially two versions of the song with different beats and melodies are really rocked all the way. Earlier, Director of the film had plans to feature only song and that was already being shot completed. But, then with the song turning to be more popular, he has re-shot the first tune sung by Vijay Antony and added other song sung by Chinnaponnu. So, the Vijay Antony’s song would be the title number while other one would appear in the latter part.

Coming to the next song, ‘Taxi Taxi’ scored by A.R. Rahman for Sakkarakatti. The film made by young debutants has raised the expectations and one solid reason was A.R. Rahman scoring music for it. Earlier, when Director Kala Prabhu had approached A.R. Rahman to score music for the film, the maestro replied that he would be busy for next two years and so it’s not possible to take up this project. Finally, Kala Prabhu convinced him saying that it would Okay even at least Rahman remixes his old tunes of Hindi for all the songs. And that’s how the ‘Chinnamma Chilakamma’ and ‘Naan Eppodhu’ were done (The original tunes were composed for Hindi film ‘Meenaxi’ in 2004). But after getting to watch the way songs were shot, Rahman was fascinated and assured Kala Prabhu that he would tune in original scores for rest of the songs. Finally, all the songs were composed and now ‘Taxi Taxi’ is topping the chart. Getting to glimpse through the popularity of song, Kala Prabhu reshot the song. Recently, Actor Santhanu along with Rap singer Blaaze, other four heroes along with Russian Models was filmed for this song at Binny Mills. Speaking about this, Kala Prabhu says that A.R. Rahman had himself come to the studios and tuned this song that nearly took 6 days for finalizing the tune….

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