Ram Gopal Varma ready with ‘Phoonk 2’

We didn’t trust the sources actually when they buzzed us something surprising. Know what? ‘Ram Gopal Varma’ is ready with sequel to ‘Phoonk’. The film was made before a year and grossed the box office with stupendous collections. It was during previous week; the film was dubbed and released in Tamil titled as ‘Bhommaayi’.

But what we didn’t know was that soon after the recent release of ‘Agyaat’, the filmmaker started shooting for ‘Phoonk 2’ and completed the shooting within a single stretch schedule within 20days. The teasers were released yesterday all over the globe where the story begins with the climax portion of its prequel. The ghost of witch lady now haunts Sudeep’s wife and over here begins unexpected twists and turns.

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