Rajnikanth’s plans revealed through his statement

Superstar Rajnikanth has been one such personality who has been making his fans despaired with the fact that he hasn’t got into politics. Well, with many of his fans protesting by announcing the Party name and flag, Rajnikanth is really frustrated… Amidst of the busy shooting schedule of ‘Endhiran’, Rajnikanth has declared that he has no idea of about getting into politics and his fans forget torturing him about this issue. Also added that at the moment, he is fully concentrating on his magnum opus ‘Endhiran’ and not at all about getting into politics….

Regarding certain members of his fans club who were protesting to fast hosting their own party flags as well naming the political party of Rajnikanth, he has mentioned that those members wouldn’t tolerated and would be removed from the fans club.

This statement must have precisely cleared the fact that fans are those who can admire the acting talents of an actor, but not dedicate his entire life to him… It’s an imbecilic act of doing so and those sort of members must stop brimming up with these activities and look forward in coming up in their own respective careers.

We are sure the younger generation of educated sectors wouldn’t be committing the same fault that their previous coevals have been involved in…

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