Rajnikanth’s escapes car blast!

Endhiran is almost there! The much-awaited Rajnikanth film is on the verge of completion of the tiresome long-term filming. Director Shankar kick-started the shooting in September 2008 and has only recently canned the climax fight sequence between Rajnikanth and the villains.

These sequences were shot at an engineering college at Maduravoyal, situated on the outskirts of Chennai. According to the sources, the shot was on Rajnikanth getting out of his car, which was planted with bombs. But while fleeing the coupe the actor got hurt, as the bombs exploded into kingdom come… Rajnikanth was seen limping all over the place and the entire crew including action choreographer Peter Hein were appalled presuming that he was injured. But as soon as the shot got over Rajnikanth, got back to his normal walk, thereby laying rest to the suspicion of him being hurt in the shooting blast.

When we approached the associates of director Shankar to inquire on the release status of the film, they stated that the film would hit the theater screens in April 2010.

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